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great vocal control and range ... she did her warm-ups and her ritual ... I don't really do any of these things. I just roll out of bed and just sing. She was very professional and very clear ... it was great. It was a cool experience."

-Singer Cee Lo Green, comparing and contrasting the two different approaches he and collaborator Gwyneth Paltrow used to record a new version of "F--- You." Green's song was a huge hit over the summer, and Paltrow already recorded and performed a new version of the song for an episode of "Glee" late last year, and now the two of them have recorded a fresh version of the song. It's been a particularly busy singing season for Paltrow, as not only did she sing on "Glee" but she is also currently starring (and singing) in the film "Country Strong."

In addition to Green and Paltrow, the song's producers the Smeezingtons — featuring Bruno Mars — were also in the studio. Green told MTV News' Gil Kaufman that he wasn't sure what the future was for the new version of the song, but you can bet that it'll be the centerpiece of the January 15 episode of "Saturday Night Live," which will be hosted by Paltrow and feature Green as the musical guest.

Authors: MTV News

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