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Foo Fighters are already putting ideas in motion to promote their upcoming seventh full-length release. The band has set up a website that seeks to collect pitches from aspiring music video directors who want to craft a clip for the band.

In order to express the sort of thing they're not looking for, they have created two videos that officially "suck." The first features the band members hung upside down in giant pinata suits getting beaten by midgets, and the other stars Kathy Griffin as an image consultant who has dressed the band in drag.

Both clips are pretty funny, which isn't surprising considering the sense of humor Grohl has always had (last year's "Fresh Pots" clip should be considered top-shelf evidence). And the person who is looking to become the Foos next video director certainly has a lot to live up to, as the Foo Fighters are one of the greatest video bands in the history of music. Many of their videos are among the most iconic in the history of the medium, including the colorful "I'll Stick Around," the Mentos-spoofing "Big Me," the heartbreaking fever dream "Everlong," the goofily psychotic "Learn to Fly" and the passionate "Best of You."

Contestants should submit video samples on the website, and the band will pick the winners. This is finally your chance to turn your FlipCam videos of your friends' skateboarding tricks into a real career alongside the likes of Michel Gondry, Jerry Casale and Jesse Peretz.

What's your favorite Foo Fighters video? Let us know in the comments!

Authors: Kyle Anderson

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