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own Wiz Khalifa are embarking on a, ahem, potent partnership which includes a straight-to-DVD movie complete with a soundtrack aptly titled High School. On Wednesday (January 5), the Doggfather spoke with on Sirius FM’s Hip-Hop Nation show about his collaborative film with Wiz, which Snoop said hits shelves on April 20, the first single of the movie’s soundtrack, "That Good," and the Pittsburgh native's increasing fame.

"It’s beautiful to see him gradually grow from somebody that’s hustling to the whole world starting to paying attention and respect him for who he is," said Tha Doggfather.

Snoop also confirmed that he and Wiz’s connection isn’t as new as it seems, as DJ Skee mentioned the pair have known each other long before Snoop hopped on the Taylor Gang wordsmith’s remix for his single "Black and Yellow," which also featuring Three 6 Mafia's Juicy J and T-Pain. The 39-year-old Snoop gracefully passed the torch to the buzzing 23-year-old star during the interview.

"To see him get that attention and that respect and that world-renowned that he deserves is a beautiful thing," said Snoop. "Now he just gotta stick to the script and keep making hot sh--."

Soon after Snoop’s appearance on Wiz’s track, the pair swiftly made plans to work on the film and, with obvious coincidence, the movie is slated for an April 20 — see what they did there? — release this spring.

Snoop is working on his eleventh studio LP Doggumentary Music, which is tentatively slated for March 8. It’s also rumored that the recently leaked track from Kanye West, "Eyes Closed" featuring John Legend, is one of the confirmed tracks for the album.

What do you think of Snoop passing, what some would call the "green" torch to Wiz Khalifa? Tweet us at @MTVRapFix or tell us in a comment below!

Authors: MTV News

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