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They went pop before they went to middle school: Teenage sister act Aly & Amanda Joy Michalka started playing piano by age six and were taking acting lessons soon after. Noting the seriousness of their aspirations and the level of their talent, their parents moved the clan from Seattle back to their native L.A. to get them deeper into the industry. Aly and AJ took diverse roles acting on television, and their first recordings were covers of "Do You Believe in Magic" and "Walking on Sunshine," both of which were included in the soundtrack to Disney's Herbie: Fully Loaded. Their debut album, Into the Rush, was released on the Disney-owned Hollywood Records label in August 2005 and was a minor hit with the TRL set. An album of Christmas music, Acoustic Hearts of Winter, appeared in 2006, with Insomniatic following in the summer of 2007. - JZWICKEL

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